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Related article: Date: Thursday, March 8, 2007 December 59th 31 -0800 ( PST ) From: Ray u003cray6645 yahoo. com u003e Subject: I mastered Brother 8 left after our first customers, we talked about what s was done and the good things and bad. we agreed that we have more licks of "special services " such as free ass kids, and that sort of thing. So we sat s down at our desk and wrote a list. ( Would not it be Excel cared back then? ) Also told them that there are n It would be good if you want to use their hands to help , customers get hotter. Run your fingers slightly above and below the client's body and legs. All that stimulate it. As we get older children, the shoot, which Sun Do not you think that we add to the list of these specials. Needed Protection n this list. When Lolitas Cp parents found him, he dead meat. For what is hidden in some old school papers in a drawer that was full of garbage. the meantime, said they have used cock in the ass. So she leaned over. They had their shorts, and left. It was during Chris condemn. Mike was alternately pulling my ​​boobs and then when he got tired of it, he squeeze my nuts. That made me push Chris Hahn stick in my ass. Chris told Mike that he could keep to Lolitas Cp do this. My mother was really hurting, almost as pain in my boobs, but he was torturing my two nuts n tits y. Soon Chris had his orgasm, and slowly withdrew from me and left me a little vacuum. But not for long, as Mike order n, and put his cock in my ass soon. felt good to have him there again. Its soft body against mine. I clenched my ass on the cock, and reacted with slapping my ass cheeks. He slapped me and squeezing my small dick. Later I found out that the queues were not enough to beat my prostate to come. After both fired his bags and dressed over again. Of course not allowed to have of clothing at any timepeople were at work. And if they were allowed home, I put my short, but no underwear. Mike occasionally check hand in my pants, and either pinch her ​​ass and squeezed my nuts, your choice. I enjoyed when I was tested, but could not do a ot the parent that much of what we did get. had my hands behind my head and feet , where the hips pushing forward. They began to see me. She ran her fingers up and down my wells n tickle me. The more jumping, more than tickled me. He then began to inspect my cock and balls. He took my cock in one direction and then the n with another look at the whole area. Of course, I had a n a drive, what little there, and they pulling it around like a joystick. nuts were inspected next. They put in them, and I leaned with his entourage. She laughed to me. But the news that I had hair all over the place , andand do not think so, to come to. Mike came into our bathroom and grabbed a towel , and some shaving cream and a razor. I still had n my hands on my head, so it started there. Chris is part of the cream in my pits, and tickled over again. He told me not to move, or which could stolen. So I calmed down a bit, and Mike started with razor. Well, that tickled too, so now, here's a razor up and down my well, and I'm not trying to move , but the tingling sensation that drives me crazy. Little by little the knife just finished with my left pit, and then the agony of mine started well. then is finished, I was almost finished as well. My penis was dripping precum like crazy. Many things on the floor. Chris noticed the pre-cum in the foreground, and was Mike. He told me to get down and lick s the things that he did not want in your bedroom land. I did as commanded. Then he stood up again, and sprayed some shaving cream on my cock a few hair after the knife did the trick. Now I to get worried. They wanted to shave nuts, , and could be devastating to me. However, Chris work well treated. When it was over, s the application of a hot towel and cleaned the entire left n the shaving cream. Chris told me, put my hands on his knees, and spread my ​​legs. They wanted to shave your ass! Suppose n to have some hair there, and wanted to leave. Talk about a feeling. Shooting that the shaving cream on my ass crack, then the razor up and down my ass crack is really going to do my ​​dick before cum shot, as there's no tomorrow. Mike said he said that after his father's razor, put a after shave on the face to make you feel better. And that went to the bathroom and brought his father aftershave. He poured a good deal in hand, , and then spread to my nuts. I felt good at first, , but then really began to burn. To really burn. that told me to bend over and spread my cheeks. It s wHow to put aftershave on my freshly shaved ass! There was another piece sit on my ass. Again, there are n felt good, but then burned. Even pushed his finger in my ass, and some of those there. enjoy my pain. Gary had the idea that was probably more put into it. He recalled the n that his father Ben -Gay, and that might be ot try again later. But now might be a bit more to customers, the first order of the day. Gary mentioned his child scout patrol meeting the next day and could be a source of new money and customers. He said that n some of the children were sexually interested, and to be discreet and make the idea of the two n them. A boy Tom was bigger and had a slender body, , but Gary said he knew he was in the showers and the n that his hair around his cock, not very large, but it looked good to him. He also said that other stakeholders was the patrol leader, Ian. Ian was almost 14 years, and a lot olof, and little to is greater than all of them. Gary knew he had a cock a good size, when Ian went swimming in the Lolitas Cp local computer , and had seen Ian in his Speedo, and also soft n which was quite large. I was a little concerned about this latter type, but not much I could do about it. I do not want my people to see images were taken. And indeed, I have enjoyed this little " game" that we were playing. Gary said he had to go so they could work in the This bit more tomorrow. He hoped that we had a great time. Mike agreed that it has fun, and smiled. Gary left, and slapped her ass hard. " I hope that this brand is still there until we meet again. " - - - - - - - more coming soon Comments on ray6645 yahoo. com
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